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Langley TMJ and Facial Pain


Relief from facial and jaw pain

TMJ Disorder, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, is the name for a condition caused by inflammation of the tissues around the joint between your jaw and your skull. It can cause difficulty chewing, pain, headaches and other symptoms. Aspirations Dental is one of the clinics in Langley who can diagnose and treat TMJ.

Common symptoms of TMJ syndrome:

Symptoms that might indicate you may be suffering from TMJ Disorder include:

  • Pain around your face, jaw, and ears
  • Difficulty chewing
  • A clicking or popping sensation while opening and closing your mouth
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Neck or shoulder pain

Common Causes

Anything that causes stress to your jaw or the temporomandibular joint can cause inflammation. Common causes of TMJ Disorder are clenching or grinding your teeth, misaligned teeth or jaws, excessive gum chewing or nail biting, or disease such as arthritis.

Diagnosis and Treatment

We diagnose TMJ Disorder by examining and X-raying your jaw and by studying your eating and sleeping habits. If you're suffering from TMJ treatments range from simple remedies such as stretches, massage, anti-inflammatory medication or applying heat or cold to the joint. For more serious cases we may consider orthodontic treatment or physiotherapy to correct alignment issues, or a bite appliance to prevent you from clenching and grinding your teeth at night.

The pain from TMJ disorder can be remedied with treatment. If you are suffering from facial or jaw pain or any of the other symptoms described,contact us for a TMJ disorder assessment.

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