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Family Dentistry

Dental education and care

At Aspirations Dental, we start small. Dental care begins when a baby is born, and a baby's first visit can take place even before they begin teething. We can check the development of their baby teeth and their jaws and detect any issues that may cause problems later. Later, after their baby teeth have grown in we can help you teach them how to brush and about the importance of good dental health. As your children grow, so does their treatment, and over their childhood we'll be there to provide care and education so their teeth last a lifetime.

Family Dental Care

There are a few things you can do at home to help your children develop good, life-long dental habits.


Explain to your children how the food we eat can make our teeth healthy by making them strong. Talk to them how sugar can damage their teeth, and how it's important to brush and floss to remove sugar and food from their teeth.

Show and Tell

Children learn best by imitation, and one of the best ways you can teach your children how to brush and floss is to let them watch you. When you are teaching your children to brush, avoid interrupting them. Let them finish brushing first and then help them cover any spots they missed.

Keep a Good Attitude

It's normal for children to be nervous about going to the dentist. They are not in control and they don't always understand what is happening. Avoid joking about the dentist and don't say things like "there's nothing to be afraid of" or "Don't be scared." Instead talk about how a visit to the dentist keeps their smile healthy and that the people in the dentist office want to help them.


Check out the videos and games in our Videos section for fun ways to teach your children about important dental health issues such as brushing and cavities.

As a proud member of the community we keep Langley kids smiling! Contact us today to learn more about our family dental services.

Now for some fun and games:

Ricky's First Dental Visit Kids Zone Ricky's First Dental Visit Ricky Brushes His Teeth Kids Zone Ricky Brushes His Teeth

Coloring pages - just download and print:

Ricky Brushes His Teeth Coloring Page 1 Ricky Brushes His Teeth Coloring Page 1 Ricky Brushes His Teeth Coloring Page 2 Ricky Brushes His Teeth Coloring Page 2 Ricky Brushes His Teeth Coloring Page 3 Ricky Brushes His Teeth Coloring Page 3

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